Is it worth an Online Casino Bonus for every new customer?

Online Casino Bonus for New Customer

First deposit bonuses, special promotions, free spins at the slot machine – the choice of Casino bonus offers on the Internet is huge and versatile. There you risk a glimpse when a renowned casino presents a tempting bonus offer, with which you can visit the Casino Lobby with a stately Bankroll. As there are just as many Casinos online, the favor of potential new customers is strongly felt. Therefore, there are few providers that do not offer a welcome offer to attract new customers.

It makes no difference whether you are about to gain your first experience or are a seasoned player in several online casinos. As a rule, any player who does not have an account at the respective Casino qualifies for a welcome bonus. But is it worth a Bonus for every new customer?

Beginners and Bonus hunters

For the beginner, it is primarily interesting to try out the full range of games with an attractive starting balance and to leave the Casino with a win in your pocket in case of luck. The regular player is aware of his gambling habits and risk-taking, confident and knows what bonuses he is from. Sometimes players become true Bonus hunters and try to earn as many rewards as possible or an offer where no deposit is required.

Regular and free bonuses – a Bonus is never free

One aspect that no player can escape is the so-called turnover conditions to which an offer is linked. No matter if you are a beginner or a Highroller, each casino bonus must first be ‘unlocked’ before you can withdraw the bonus amount and/or potential game winnings. Free bonuses are not excluded. Therefore, you can say that a Casino Bonus primarily serves the purpose of entertainment.

The question arises as to whether a welcome bonus is worth it for every new customer? Therefore, beginners should ask themselves the following questions:
Are few visits to the Online Casino intended, possibly with longer interruptions?
Is it intended to win and pay out a prize at the first visit if possible?
Is it generally not acceptable to be bound by certain conditions?

Then the answer is no. The acceptance of a Bonus is not recommended here, as it may take several hours or days, depending on the amount of the offer, until you have fulfilled the bonus conditions, unless the money has already been lost. In addition, there are bonuses that are limited in time and therefore expire together with the profits achieved up to that point. Here it is worth playing with your own money of your first deposit. Any winnings then necessarily belong to the player. Please note: various casinos have a minimum payout limit. Sometimes this also depends on the chosen payment method.

The wagering requirements for a Bonus are set out in the terms and conditions and require that the value of the bonus amount be repeated. The Bonus is only released once you have completed the specified amount.

An example: A casino offers a 100% Bonus up to€ 200. The sales conditions require that the bonus amount is implemented 20 times. The player pays in € 200 to fully unlock the Bonus and receives 100% = € 400 Casino starting balance total.

In order to be able to request the withdrawal of the Bonus and/or potential game winnings, the bonus amount of€ 200 must first be wagered 20 times = €4,000. Any real money bet and winnings bets contribute to the implementation of this sum. Please also read our article ‘free Bonus games’.

For players who can answer yes to one of the following questions, it is worth accepting an Online Casino Bonus.
Are specific Casino games in focus, with which you want to specifically win free games?
Is one a regular visitor in the gaming casino online?
Do you want to start with a generous Casino credits, regardless of the amount of the sales conditions?

Each Casino visitor has a different gaming behavior and a unique view of how to best unlock a Bonus. Players who simply want the thrill can also play with a Bonus, whose turnover conditions are rather difficult to meet. However, the advanced player will first want to learn about the challenge of the conditions to be fulfilled. Here, each player decides for themselves.